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Please note that contributions made on this page will not provide any immediate funding to any of your countries.

However, once the donation is processed, you will receive TMS credits in your account that can be used to purchase country funding non-charity worlds in the future.

What you pay to play Global Triumph is completely up to you! If you enjoy the game and decide that you'd like to donate, your contributions will be greatly appreciated!

There are two ways to contribute. You can either choose to donate using the button below, or you can join a world that allows "Country Funding" and purchase additional funds for your country.


If you'd like to contribute, please click the button below. Contributions are processed through PayPal.

Donations to Too Much Stupid will not immediately fund your country and will not fund charity worlds. (To purchase in-game funding or donate to a charity world, please select the world's Fund Your Country option instead.)

Why Contribute?

Too Much Stupid is my brainchild, a place where I can make my games and share them with all of you to enjoy.

It's not a staff of hundreds, churning out the latest 3D epic. It's just me, coding away, trying to make Web games that are really fun and interesting to play. It's something I'm only able to do on the side, but my dream would be to find a way to make a living out of it!