What is Global Triumph?

Global Triumph is a free, multiplayer, purely Web-based war game. Its primary focus is on military strategy.

Unlike most online games, however, Global Triumph is not real-time. Log in, build up, set your attacks. Everything's processed in cycles, which means you can play on your schedule.

Each world is made up of a grid of squares known as sectors. The objective is to battle your opponents and capture as many sectors as possible.

There are two types of worlds in Global Triumph: official and user.

  • Official worlds are usually larger and usually process once a day (though there are variations). They can be up to 8192x4096 sectors in size, so they can often run long-term.
  • User worlds are created by other GT players and can range from 64x32 to 256x128 sectors. These worlds will typically require less time to play, also running on a wide variety of cycles.

The World Browser allows you to explore and filter current worlds.

What is the Game Cycle?

All attacks in Global Triumph are processed during the Game Cycle.

To play, users build various structures (bases, defense turrets, etc.) and units (tanks, warships, etc.), as well as assign attacks to the units. The Game Cycle then runs and processes the attacks that were set.

Official worlds usually run on a once a day cycle, so players can set attacks any time throughout the day, whenever it's convenient.

The Game Cycle can, however, run as often as every 10 minutes! It can also be set to run at specific intervals between certain hours of the day. When creating a user world, the players chooses the timing of the Game Cycle for that world. Please note the Game Cycle setting in a world before joining.

Where should I get started?

If you're new to Global Triumph, you may find the Video Tutorials to be a good place to start.

There's also a Help section with more details, as well as a Message Board.